Data Residency, Sovereignty & Security

The Cloud Managed Supply Chain
Your Supply Chain is your Data Chain






Cloud based collaboration is a key solution for every aspect of supply chain management but has also generated additional Governance & Compliance issues in particular around Data Residency, Sovereignty & Security.

The very nature of multinational supply chains demands that companies exchange sensitive information with multiple partners, from disperse locations, many of them several tiers removed from the manufacturer. Their ability to protect data can be highly variable.

Sharing information with suppliers is essential, but it also increases the risk of that information being compromised. Data Security is a serious issue that the Supply Chain needs to constantly address and never more so when utilising cloud services. 

Cloud Computing has also brought additional issues to the fore around Data Residency & Sovereignty, as it is the client and not the cloud service provider who has ultimate responsibility for the data. It is important that organisations understand the importance of auditing their Cloud Service Provider and ensuring they are certified in regards to data security.

An in depth report is being produced for November outlining the regulations, how to navigate them and the solutions that you can engage with to achieve full compliance with both the European and National regulations.

The report will also be addressing with the input of organisations such as the Cloud Security Alliance, Information Security Forum and the Institute for IT Law, how you can maintain data security while realising the full benefits that cloud computing can provide to your supply chain operations.

“The emergence of cloud computing as a delivery model for IT Applications and Services is very exciting and is transforming the supply chain and how all trading partners collaborate globally. “Your Supply Chain is Your Data Chain” and how you approach securing your data is key, to realising the full benefits of Cloud while complying with the complex Data Residency & Sovereignty Regulations,” states John Connors, CEO of The Supply Chain Cloud.

‘The Supply Chain Cloud’ is the body set up by the European Supply Chain Institute to educate on and promote the applications of the Cloud to the Supply Chain. The organisation works with, industry bodies, end users and cloud computing vendors in order to develop vertical industry specific Cloud Computing Supply Chain information.
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