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What is it about the cloud that has captured the imagination of so many organizations?

In a word, it’s engagement.

Engagement with customers. With business partners. With suppliers. With co-workers. On any device. Anywhere. At any time. That’s the real power of the cloud.

Covisint is at the forefront of cloud engagement for enterprises and industries, delivering the three core pillars required to do business in the cloud: security, integration and presentation.

Covisint provides the leading cloud engagement platform for creating and enabling new mission-critical external business processes. With our platform, you have the ability to work with all of your organization’s constituents – seamlessly, securely and globally. In fact, Covisint has more than 3,000 global customers and more than 18 million users connecting to over 80,000 organizations and processing more than one billion mission-critical transactions a year, Covisint is the clear leader. But why? What are the advantages?

Perhaps the most significant advantages are scalability and flexibility. The Covisint platform can be readily tailored to meet the specific business requirements of your organization. The platform’s openness enables you to leverage legacy systems while engaging externally and internally with end- users on any device. And because the platform is highly scalable, it’s future-proofed for growth.

Some of the common issues our supply chain solutions address include:

  • globally connecting people, processes and systems to allow engagement to occur;
  • securing information, applications and services at the highest level using a cloud-based approach;
  • providing flexibility with a wide variety of solutions, and various methods to connect and access information and applications (mobile, etc.); and
  • allowing organizations to leverage one of the largest industry communication hubs in the world.


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