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Global Trade Management & Compliance Solutions


A leading provider of global trade management solutions, Integration Point provides import and export capabilities, up-to-date regulatory information for 160+ countries and connectivity to supply chain partners and government agencies across the world.

  • Manages more than $400 billion in trade
  • Facilitates trade across countries representing 99% of global import value
  • Maintains regulatory knowledge of over 160 countries
  • Spans all industries, addressing the diverse needs of global corporations
  • Integrates with ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc.) to allow for full communication between all systems involved in a transaction or shipment

The Integration Point Global Trade Management platform is the most comprehensive global compliance platform with the greatest customer adoption in every industry segment, having the deepest and broadest functionality available from a single global trade platform. Integration Point built its products with a global perspective, recognizing that every customer would differ depending on whether they import, export, or both. The platform is modular and allows companies to engage with only the solutions needed.

Integration Point includes solutions for: import/export management, supply chain and security, entry validation, denied party screening, product classification, free trade agreement qualification, foreign-trade zone, and global duty deferral program management.

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