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Odette initiatives help to improve the efficiency of the European industry and enhance the competitiveness of European companies within the global economy.


Industry driven

Odette is an impartial, not-for-profit organisation which responds to the needs of users in all areas of the automotive supply chain by seeking consensus solutions to a range of challenges. This consensus ensures that the industry achieves maximum efficiency in logistics processes, from the design phase through purchasing, production, vehicle distribution and aftermarket servicing to final recycling. The direct members of Odette are the organisations which represent the automotive industry in the major European automotive producing countries. Its direct beneficiaries are the 4,000+ companies in the European automotive industry which build vehicles, or produce the components and services needed in their construction.

Odette is managed by a Board of Directors made up of senior executives from these companies and organisations, assisted by a permanent Central Office team. Below the Board of Directors, Odette operates through a small number of permanent committees comprised of managers and experts from many more of these companies, who provide their experience and expertise for the benefit of the whole industry. They agree on industry-wide objectives within their area of competence and establish specific project groups to achieve these objectives within the timescales demanded.

Since its foundation in 1984 (see History of Odette), Odette has built an international reputation for its work on the standardisation of supply chain tools including containers, bar-coded labels, file transfer protocols and EDI messages. More recently we have been involved in logistics performance assessment tools, RFID, B2B security, Risk management, CO2 Reporting, Transport Management etc.

Global outlook

Automotive companies are increasingly global in their outlook and have operations spread around the world in both the developed and developing countries. Vehicle manufacturers collaborate with other manufacturers on the development of joint platforms and the design and production of major components. The result is no longer a classical supply chain, but is more accurately described as a supply ‘network’, which must be tightly linked together to ensure that it can operate effectively.

Odette is a founder member of the Joint Automotive Industry Forum (JAIF), which brings together the European, North American (AIAG) and Japanese (JAMA and JAPIA) regional organisations to collaborate on global automotive recommendations. This collaboration enables truly worldwide solutions to be developed for the benefit of the global automotive industry.

Cross industry co-operations

Besides the close collaboration with our sister automotive associations in the US and Japan, Odette has developed co-operative relationships with a number of other organisations working in the areas of standardisation and supply chain improvement in order to ensure the promotion and protection of the interests of the European automotive industry in the wider industrial and regulatory environment. Organisations involved in these co-operations include standardisation bodies such as UN-CEFACT, CEN, and e-Class, industry associations such as EDIFICE and ECG, and automotive service providers such as CEDEX.

Looking forward

To be able to satisfy customer demands for rapid delivery of competitively priced, high quality products, common standards must be applied across all tiers of the supply chain from raw material supplier to the aftersales outlet.

As business-to-business communications develop even further, there will be an increasing need to facilitate the integration of new processes and partners throughout the supply chain. Odette will have an important role to play in coordinating and controlling developments in order to avoid an unnecessary proliferation in the means and methods of business exchanges. An uncontrolled scenario, as seen before EDI messages were standardised by Odette nearly 30 years ago, would clearly be detrimental to an industry which seeks to be globally competitive. Because Odette is independent from the individual commercial interests of vehicle makers, suppliers, software houses and service providers, we are able to play a truly impartial role in the business improvement process.

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