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 Trade Tech specializes in creating software solutions for the international transportation and logistics industry. Trade Tech’s logistics and technology experts have created world-class applications linking sales, operations and accounting processes into a single environment. These applications are proven to help streamline freight forwarders’ and shippers’ supply chains, cut total transportation costs, manage exceptions, deliver visibility, and provide higher levels of customer service to help you compete in today’s complex logistics environment. Trade Tech also offers a full-service data entry option to support software deployment so that your company can focus on what matters most to you and your customers: expediting your cargo and supporting your customers. The combination of software and service is what distinguishes Trade Tech from other software providers. Trade Tech’s Internet-based supply chain and transportation solutions are the most innovative applications in today’s marketplace. We license and deliver our applications via the Internet, creating a seamless process by which you and your clients can access our transportation and supply management tools anywhere in the world for the ultimate visibility.

Some Trade Tech’s solutions include:

AMS, ISF, AES, and other security filings related to ocean and air transportation, including all Cargo Security Filing requirements, plus Automated Border Interface (ABI)

Japan 24 Hour Rule

10+2 Rule Solution Provider

Cloud computing for the international trade community

Cost optimization / pricing

Transportation management

Rate management

Supply chain / purchase order management and visibility (tracking and tracing)

Sales / operations


Trade Tech differentiates its applications by generating documents at the end of an automated process whereas a documentation system focuses on documenting what has been done at the end of a manual process. Other areas of differentiation include:

Process-oriented applications versus documentation application to manage the transportation and supply chain process with controls, work flow, and integration between:

Departments in a logistics office;

Logistics offices and the logistics providers’ network;

Logistics providers and their underlying vendors; and

Logistics providers and their customers.

Single source application, Trade Tech is the only provider in the industry who offers a complete and completely integrated application covering all aspects of rate management, transportation operations, PO management, accounting and security in a single location with data flowing from one application to the next.

An end-to-end global operating system, including cost analysis, global customer profiles with customer rate tables, sailing schedules for all major trade lanes, quotations, full operations integrated with security and carrier systems, global accounting, purchase order tracking and customs house brokerage. Trade Tech’s solution is different from an outdated documentation system or stand alone application.

Application Service Provider so it easy to implement across a growing company and training can be done expeditiously and economically by adding partners in the supply chain instantly as the movement of goods shifts from one entity to another. It is essential to have an easily implemented collaborative platform to win new business in today’s highly competitive environment.

Applications that begin with the sales function, which drives operations and accounting functions.

A system that projects a shipment as a sequence of logistics events, assigning each event to an underlying vendor, allowing providers manage the vendors’ performance against the projected event through collaboration via Trade Tech or integration via EDI including ocean, air, rail, ports and warehouses.

Offices located throughout Asia, Europe and the US, so Trade Tech works in their customers’ languages, cultures and time zones.

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